AIA Document Generator

AIA Document Generator

Latest release: 01/01/2024

Boost your credibility with oversight architects and commercial lenders, streamline document generation, and monitor your margins effortlessly with Progress Billing’s Certified AIA Document Generator Addon.

Appficiency's AIA Document Generator is one of the only 5 solutions that produce certified AIA documents such as G701 - Change Order, G702 - Pay App and G703 - Continuation Sheets digitally within the ERP system, circumventing the cumbersome AIA calculations and reporting process 

This seamless next-gen solution utilizes the most streamlined and reliable
tool in the industry, integrating certified AIA contract documents directly into NetSuite's
financial and project management flows.  It automates the document generation by tracking and calculating valuable metrics such as Schedule of Values (SoV) and retainage throughout the project lifecycle

By automating the generation of AIA documents, it ensures precise cost tracking, presentation and compliance reporting it enhances overall project
management efficiency and control.


In the world of construction, accurate cost tracking and efficient document generation are crucial. That’s where the AIA Document Generation system steps in, transforming project management by ensuring seamless creation of AIA certified contract documents (ACD) replacing the need for purchasing and manually creating AIA documents

Whether you're managing a single construction project or a diverse portfolio, this system offers versatility and customization through the integration with A4C Progress Billing giving you the ability to track project cost metrics such as change order values, invoices, purchase orders and many more. With the click of a button, recieve your fully populated AIA forms which eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and making payments hassle free.

This adaptability makes it an invaluable asset for organizations with specific project management and compliance requirements.

  • Automated Document Generation
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization
  • AIA Certified Templates and Formats
  • Accurate Financial Tracking
  • Enhanced Project Control

Use Cases
  • For a general contracting company managing multiple projects simultaneously, the AIA Document Distribution system streamlines contract distribution by automating the synchronization of AIA documents with NetSuite. This reduces administrative burden and minimizes errors in document handling, ensuring accurate and timely contract management.


  • An engineering firm specializing in infrastructure projects benefits from real-time contract visibility through synchronized communication between AIA Document Distribution and NetSuite. Project managers can access up-to-date information on contract status, terms, and compliance, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive risk management.


  • A land and real estate development company utilizes the system's capability to customize and distribute AIA documents efficiently. This functionality enables the company to ensure all stakeholders receive the correct documents promptly, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and improving coordination.


Key Features
  1. Revolutionize contract management by automating the creation and synchronization of AIA contract documents.
  2. Offer versatility and customization with pre-configured templates for rapid document generation and custom formats to meet specific project needs.
  3. Reduce manual effort, ensuring accuracy and consistency in contract documents.
  4. Handle both single construction projects and diverse portfolios with ease.
  5. Serve as an invaluable asset for organizations requiring precise and streamlined contract management processes.