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Industry: AMP, Client Specific, Construction, GB, Wholesale Distributions,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

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A beneficial data visualization tool that displays difficult-to-read data like revenue recognition in a vibrant, dynamic portlet view. AppyCharts allows customers to gain valuable, serviceable insights into their data quickly and easily across NetSuite. AppyCharts publishes up to a new chart a week, it’s super affordable, and it’s ready right out of the box, requiring only 3 clicks after installation to set up!

If you are a customer outside US and Canada, please contact our Sales team directly.


Put Your Infrastructure Solutions To Work

Integrate your technology and operations effortlessly with AppyCharts for NetSuite. Using our deep technical expertise of native and platform NetSuite, appficiency has created visualizations for key data across all kinds of diverse and distinct needs:

  • CRM
  • Revenue and deferred revenue recognition
  • Inventory
  • Work order scheduling
  • Project scheduling
  • Budgeting on custom records
  • Sales and forecasting
  • Expense vs Revenue
  • Accounts receivables and payables
  • And much, much more.  Watch out as we will be publishing a new chart set quarterly!


Turn Data Into Action Items

If you’re on the fence about NetSuite, AppyCharts is the product for you. Created to optimize your platform experience, AppyCharts allows NetSuite customers to consolidate all their company data into modern analytics and storage platforms, and turn it into actionable items. 

Use Cases

Created to share the value of our consultants with all NetSuite customers, AppyCharts creates graphs, charts, and usable visual components inside NetSuite accounts with limited interaction — all for a reasonable, cost-effective price.  

Key Features

Discover a regular series of new visualizations for your data in NetSuite. Some are simple plug-and-play features, while others can be set up by your administrator.

  1. Visualize your data within your NetSuite dashboard.
  2. Convenient, uncomplicated, and easily navigated.
  3. Current available charts (as of June 28):
    1. General Business Suite
      1. Revenue vs Expense
      2. 3 Way Match
      3. Ageing View
    2. AMP Suite 
      1. Rev Rec V2
    3. Construction Suite
      1. Construction Budget V2
    4. WD Suite
      1. Manufacturing Work Order Schedule 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us for customer-specific requirements for any visualizations needed within your account.