Test - Material Job Costing

Test - Material Job Costing

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Latest release: 04/05/2021

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Material Job Costing 101

Despite the many software platforms and applications available on the market, Material Job Costing solutions are tough to find. Although there are great software platforms for project management, financials, and manufacturing, very few solutions are all-encompassing. Even fewer have great reporting, flexibility, and ease of use. With the added complications of many regulations in various industries from payroll, accounting, construction, and progress reporting to earned value, each company does it slightly differently while ultimately compiling the same core information.

Product Overview

The appficiency Solution

appficiency’s Material Job Costing (MJC) solution brings together the entire Netsuite platform and allows for the integration of some of the more industry-specific applications like payroll and fieldwork.

Our MJC product can track profitability by period, across projects, and rollup projects by customers, regions, and types of projects. It can be integrated with the resource management product of your choice, or the native features can be effective for certain projects as is. It has one of the most complete sets of features, including:

  • Project management
  • Financials
  • Revenue recognition
  • Progress billing
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory and materials management
  • Reporting
  • Compliance 
  • Integration for payroll and field

Our customers use appficiency MJC for projects in industrial, manufacturing for field installation, general construction for the developer or builder, and all B2B engineering firms.

Use Cases
  • An American trash systems provider: A company that manages trash systems in California required a solution to meet city and state RFP/job costing requirements for reporting and understanding their profitability based on job progress. appficiency’s MJC product provided the periodic details of their job costs, revenues, and other spend.  
  • Sensors manufacturer:  A  leading company in geo-sensing devices manufactures and installs their industrial hardware in a range of locations. They required a job costing solution providing profitability and tracking of expenses from purchase, to build, to install, to service.
  • Landscaping services company: A landscaping company needed a solution for their yard that allowed units of measure across a diverse catalog of outdoor goods from patio stones to aggregate. They needed to allow sales to easily convert and estimate material required based on normal construction project metrics like square feet/meters, or linear feet.
Key Features
  1. Estimating improvements over base NetSuite.
  2. Change order management.
  3. Project and estimate synchronization.
  4. Job costing for a vast array of industry projects.
  5. Enhanced budgeting with multiple baselines.
  6. Progress billing.
  7. Revenue recognition by earned value.
  8. AIA formatted billing.
  9. Holdback and retainage solutions.
  10. Improved project portfolio rollups and reporting.