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  • A4C Job Costing
    Material Job Costing - Appficiency Software Solutions Team (SST)

    Perfect for construction, self-performers, and industrial/engineering projects, Material Job Costing also includes next-generation visualizations…because nobody likes to read the manual.

  • AppyTime
    Appficiency Time | Task | Bill - Appficiency Software Solutions Team (SST)

    We take detailed project management functionality and give it technical structure to scale. From mass creation, to mass reassignment, to exception reporting for small and large companies.

  • Billing Engine
    Billing Engine - Appficiency Software Solutions Team (SST)

    A flexible way to manage both your bill by retainer and complex milestones in one specially designed product.

  • Project Task Assignment
    Project Task Assignment - Appficiency Software Solutions Team (SST)

    Perfect for businesses looking to optimize their project task queues, statuses, and assignments in one consolidated area.