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Billing Engine
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Billing Engine

Industry: AMP, Software & Services,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

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A flexible way to manage both your bill by retainer and complex milestones in one specially designed product.

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Get Real-Time Forecasts With Appficiency’s Billing Engine

If billing has become a burden, our Billing Engine will get rid of the hassle. The Appficiency Billing Engine is a key tool for anyone working with the execution and forecasting of all project-related billing activities, like time and materials billing, milestone billing, time-based milestone billing, and retainer billing. Users get a real-time forecast of monthly invoices, as well as increased control over reconciliation and timely billing with reminders and alerts when it’s invoice time.


Make More Informed Decisions

The Billing Engine has options to include time and materials-based projects, milestone-based projects, and retainer clients, all of which can be tracked and prompted for billing based on project terms. You also get real-time invoice forecasting so you can make more informed decisions at every stage of the project.

Native NetSuite vs. Appficiency Billing Engine
Function NetSuite Appf Billing Engine
Allows for a simple method of invoicing against projects
Ability to easily create invoices for multiple projects with the click of a button
Includes the retainer billing model 
Automatically invoice the customer for all eligible time and passthrough expenses that fall within the stipulated period and against a given project
Manually generate invoices for each PO
Automatically generate invoices for each PO
Ability to bill at the customer level, but not at the PO level
Ability to bill at the customer level and the PO level
Automated invoicing based on charges generated from time and expenses
Key Features
  1. Forecast Invoicing allows for real-time invoice forecasting.
  2. Ability to apply different rules to forecast different billing types.
  3. Retainer management via operated billing rules means the ability to track and report on retainer-type billing based on annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly retainer contracts.
  4. Ability to invoice complicated billing scenarios at the click of a button. 
  5. Alerts for when to generate invoices based on billing rules forecast.
  6. Auto-generate invoices while customizing them.
  7. Flexibility to decide which details to include on an invoice.
  8. Enhanced milestone capability. 
  9. Eliminate the gap in communication between the project team and the billing department.