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Industry: AMP, Software & Services,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

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An alternative view that can be used throughout a company to access time entry while keeping the integrity of financial and resource allocations.

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Meet AppyTime

Project managers can track relevant time entry information about each project with ease, thanks to Appficiency’s Time Entry Suitelet. Featuring an ergonomic layout that streamlines the time entry process, PMs can encapsulate all time related to a specific project, task, and item into a consolidated block, allowing for the addition of daily multiple memos. 


Streamline The Time Entry Process

The Time Entry Suitelet streamlines the time entry process with an enhanced, user-friendly layout. This product allows users to record multiple memos in a single field, gives concise weekly time recaps, and allows for total hours tracking. With a dedicated vendor center and restricted access to rates and employee classification, this is the ultimate tool for project managers to track all relevant time entry information.

The Time Entry Suitelet is an add-on that can be used by employees and vendors to track time against projects. The Suitelet offers the ability to add daily memos to each project and to separate time entry by project. The Time Entry Suitelet is also available as a mobile application, maximizing convenience.

Native Netsuite vs. AppyTime
Function NetSuite Appf Time Entry Suitelet
Reduces time required to track weekly hours
Segregates time by project, decreasing chances of tracking error 
Ability to add and track memos on a daily basis
Enables PM to have a detailed overview of what is happening on a project 
Has mobile application
Key Features
  1. Revamped user interface & field navigation.
  2. Enter time in a quick and easy-to-use manner — either on desktop or on a mobile application.
  3. More control of the content on the screen.
  4. Concise weekly time recap.
  5. Multiple memos in one block — add a different memo to each day without having to re-enter all other information.
  6. Hide rates from third-party vendors from their view on the time entry sheet.