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A4C Job Costing
A4C Job Costing
A4C Job Costing
A4C Job Costing
A4C Job Costing
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A4C Job Costing

Industry: Construction, Software & Services,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

Appficiency's Job Costing (JC) module for NetSuite is a powerful project management and job costing software solution designed to help businesses efficiently track and manage project-related costs, budgets, and profitability. This comprehensive tool empowers organizations to gain precise control and visibility over their project costs, enhancing profitability and decision-making. JC is ideal for companies in construction, manufacturing, and various industries where tracking and managing project expenses are crucial.


In today's dynamic business landscape, effective and accurate cost management is the key to project success and profitability.We are excited to introduce A4C Job Costing (JC), a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionize how businesses track, analyze, and optimize their project costs with precision and simplicity. Combined JC and A4C Project Dashboard revolutionize project management by offering a clear, visual representation of vital project metrics. Empowering Appficiency clients to take full control of their projects by providing a user-friendly interface that enables a deeper understanding of project health and performance. 

JC offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools that lead organizations to take control of their job costing processes. Focusing on precision, flexibility, and simplicity, JC intuitively serves numerous businesses across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and more.

Supporting up to 8 cost types, automated updates, and the ability to manage budgets at both project and task levels, JC streamlines the entire job costing workflow. Simplifying complex financial data, allowing you to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and improve overall project profitability.

Empower your business with JC and discover a new level of control, accuracy, and efficiency in project cost management, and gain the competitive edge your business deserves.

  • Periodic Record Management
  • Cost type budget and Actuals
  • Freeze Functionality
  • Percent Complete Override 
  • Budget Versioning
  • Project and Task-Level Job Costing
  • Customization

Use Cases
  •  In the construction industry, where labour and materials play a critical role in project budgets, precise budgeting is paramount. Appficiency's implementation of A4C Job Costing for VIKOR addresses this need by integrating fundamental budgeting features. VIKOR now has the ability to create, monitor, and efficiently manage multiple budgets with precision. This comprehensive solution allows for the allocation of budget values across diverse categories, including labour, materials, and various project costs.


  • JC plays a central role in the solution implemented for Animax. It empowers the company to effectively manage costs and project budgets, aligning with estimates and budgeting for precise cost analysis. By creating periodic records and updating job costing information, JC ensures Animax can keep track of project finances in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and maintain project profitability. JC's capabilities give Animax the flexibility to manage projects at various levels and complexities.


  • Inframark, a leading player in the field of utility operations, water management, and infrastructure services, sought a comprehensive software solution to address specific requirements critical to their operations one of which is budgeting. The A4C Job Costing (JC) module efficiently addresses the budgeting needs. JC is the cornerstone of any construction project, enabling Inframark to meticulously plan, monitor, and control project costs and budgets. This tool empowers Inframark with the capability to create detailed project costing, allocate resources effectively, and closely track budgetary aspects throughout the project's lifecycle.
Key Features
  1. Periodic Record Management: Create and manage records periodically enabling precise cost tracking over time.
  2. Cost Types: Define and track unique cost types providing a comprehensive expense management experience.
  3. One-Click Updates: Alter project records with the press of a button further ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Freezing: Lock records periodically to stabilize data for projects with specific requirements
  5. Customizable Percent complete: Customize the percent complete to get accurate revenue recognition.
  6. Budget Versioning: Create and manage multiple budget versions for historical records while using the latest budget for calculations and reporting.
  7. Project and Task-Level Job Costing: Track job categories at both project and task levels, allowing for flexibility and granularity in cost management.
  8. Customization: Tailor the software to specific business needs by configuring cost type budgets, saved searches, and more.