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Serial Lot Tracer
Serial Lot Tracer
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Serial Lot Tracer

Industry: Manufacturing, Wholesale Distributions,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

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Make the most complex genealogy history simple with a tool that lets you quickly and easily recall and sift through all serialized and itemized numbers.

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A Simple And Effective Solution For ISO And Product Recall

If you’re supporting ISO product recall requirements on goods that are serialized or lot-tracked, the Appficiency Serial Lot Tracer (SLT) is a simple and easy-to-use NetSuite genealogy option. Appficiency SLT creates global traceability on all transaction types of NetSuite where inventory is bought and sold, moved, or transferred. It also works to handle multi-level manufacturing BOMs and operations, so multiple processes are captured in the genealogy and tracked in an auditable field on item, transaction, and other system records.


Keep Forward & Backward Trace Genealogy Complete

If you’re working in a field where recall support is required by law and detailed tracking of a component is required, whether organic (lot) or unique (serialized), our Serial Lot Tracer is incredibly easy to use and requires no training or setup.

Use Cases
  • Food manufacturers recall a bad lot used in multiple recipes (for example the oranges in various juices) simply by typing the lot number into the global search at any time. This will show the full forward and backward trace of the use of that lot, as well as all shipped customers and all receipts from the vendor.
  • Biomedical companies creating reagents can track multiple quality processes in manufacturing where detailed recipes and reagents are used.
  • Industrial and high-tech companies making manufactured digital products that may have software, hardware, and various serialized components can recall any level of the product, execute quick customer base software updates via the forward trace report, roll up components, or find faulty vendor components across multiple finished goods that may have common components.
Key Features:
  1. No training required because this product allows for easier searching along with the flexibility to report on various transaction-level information.
  2. Simple and unobtrusive, there are almost no points for collision with other bundles, products, etc.
  3. Gives the full genealogy of any lot, at any level, against all the transactions it was ever used against, in date order.
  4. Uses a Global Search field to track all cumulative lot details.