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Construction Bundle
Construction Bundle
Construction Bundle
Construction Bundle
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Construction Bundle

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Industry: Construction,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

A complete platform tailored for the many needs of construction and construction-related companies. From billing to project, site to office, and everything in between.

Contact us to learn more about how our products can help maximize efficiency and streamline your business.

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We Are Market Makers

We solve complex technological obstacles for companies, whether with a single application or with multiple. We know business leaders don’t want to leave their business systems implementations with consultants who don’t understand their needs, especially in construction where each sector has a unique set of standards. Whether you are a land developer, a subcontractor, an allied service provider, industrial or engineering, builder or general contractor, Appficiency is highly qualified to help you navigate through the common stuff while eliminating the uncommon stuff.


A Full Vertical Solution To Technological Challenges

The Appficiency construction bundle provides companies in various construction fields with an all-encompassing solution. We’ll set up all major functions from field to office, project to payment, estimate to change orders, and job costing retainage to AIA billing formats. Payroll and field application integrations come pre-selected for cost certainty, or we have new ones ready if a company requires an application and connection.

Use Cases
  • A public power company across North America:
    With 1000+ field service staff, this power company was using a broad range of NetSuite capabilities. When paired with the Appficiency construction solution, they were able to budget and track job progress while ensuring the capture of external data systems, and bring both together into their financial system and reporting. We successfully offered them extensive material and cost-tracking across multiple entities for intercompany interaction and reconciliation.
  • An American trash systems provider:
    We had the opportunity to work with a multi-faceted engineering and allied services firm that supports trash collection, builds trash systems, and works throughout the Bay Area in California.  After thorough discovery sessions and detailed conversations, they decided that the Material Job Costing capabilities of our construction solution would allow them to better understand project progress and performance. They also found our product useful to track margins and cost, as well as all material, project, labour and expense elements of small and large projects.
  • Engineering firm on the west coast:
    One engineering firm on the West Coast uses all of Appficiency’s construction solutions across manufacturing, industrial construction projects, field, and sub-contractor system integrations. We assured them WIP values and financials for longer projects could be managed entirely and effectively through a single financial system as opposed to multiple integrations. They are now happily managed by an IT team to keep the lights on.
  • Landscaping services company:
    As an allied service provider, this commercial and residential landscaping company has been using the full Appficiency construction feature. They now have seamless integration of project and resource management that’s intimately tied to financials, with all the reporting features of a complete solution uniquely tailored to their business type.

Key Features
Top Category Feature Sub Feature Sub-sub Feature Reporting
  • Material and labour lines
  • Margin control
  • Copy, save, reuse versions
  • Multi-view print
  • Audit
  • Pricing controls
  • Included using the full Netsuite analytics capabilities
Project Management
  • Resource allocation
  • WBS - Work Breakdown Structure of tasks and dependencies
  • Earned Value Management - % complete progress based on unique project/company metrics
  • Time, expense and transaction tracking
  • Mass task assignment
  • Mass task reassignment
  • Budgeting and time tracking against project earnings and cost
  • Visualizations of performance
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Exception reporting
  • Task detailed work reviews
ERP Financials
  • World-class ERP features
  • Revenue recognition best in class
  • International, multi-currency
  • Control and workflow
  • Full purchasing and three-way match
  • Material inventory and distribution
  • Tailored project workflows
  • 200+ out of the box reports
Inventory and Material Management
  • Full inventory controls
  • Serialization, kitting, multi-location warehousing
  • Reverse logistics and defect codes
  • FIFO, standard and other cost types
  • Material planning
  • Transfer and bin/location management
  • Multiple Units of Measure (UOM)
  • Barcoding
  • Material delivery driving project progress
  • Material costing at project site
  • Material costs installed
  • Assembly, labour, OH and work instructions at production sites
  • Work routing process steps, WIP, scrap, yield and MRP
  • Project costing and engineering BOM management
  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Cost accounting
  • Scheduling work orders
  • Material issuance and operations steps
  • Production, inventory and MRP views
  • Cost accounting
  • Variance reporting
Billing and Scheduling
  • Progress billing
  • Schedule of values support (future state)
  • Markups, commissions, and contract pricing support
  • Change order management
  • A/R, A/P, and reconciliation
  • Cash and project revenue recognition
  • Revenue recognition forecast and waterfall
  • Budget vs Actuals across eight dimensions
  • Periodic exception and inspection
Payroll Integration
  • Payroll integration pre-planned for detailed cost breakdown
  • Project and labour allocation
  • Payroll budgeting and reporting
  • Inclusion in earned value
  • Integrated payroll provider services
  • Full project comparative reporting to payroll periodic costs
Field Service
  • Best of breed field service integration to allow field work orders and routing
  • Resource assignment and tracking
  • Digital, offline and other capture options
  • Manage assets, trucks, people, job sites, tickets and work orders in the field
  • Assign material and consume based on project controls
  • Field reporting combined with ERP and project reporting