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Project Task Assignment
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Project Task Assignment

Industry: AMP, Software & Services,
Latest release: 04/05/2021

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Perfect for businesses looking to optimize their project task queues, statuses, and assignments in one consolidated area.

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Project Task Assignment

Appficiency’s Project Task Assignment tool was developed to help project managers optimize project task queues, status, and assignments. It allows PMs to mass allocate/reallocate resources to project tasks, and take control of their budget with improved billing options and more granular financial metrics. Track project tasks, perform task-based profitability analysis, assign resources to project tasks, and reallocate resources on the fly like never before with Appficiency.


The Appficiency PTA Tool

With our PTA tool, you can allocate resources by the hour and identify the most profitable and inefficient tasks. You can edit task lists directly, meaning you can make sure time and resource allocations are always covered and correct.  Run profitability reports by projects and tasks, getting a real-time snapshot of the financial health of your company. The PTA tool is designed to increase the efficiency of projects of all sizes while giving you a granular understanding of project time and cost.

NetSuite vs. Appficiency PTA
Function Native NetSuite Appf PTA
Provides extra client billing options such as retainer billing, milestones, & forecasting
Allows project managers to easily update assignments/tasks
Ability to track the costs associated with each task, allowing for real-time invoice forecasting
Mobile entry with iOS/Android app
Improved time entry suitelet to better track time
Key Features
  1. Ability to mass manage tasks and assignments.
  2. Ability to import tasks and task assignments.
  3. Seamlessly ensure all projects are adequately staffed at all times. 
  4. Run profitability by project & task.
  5. Identify the most inefficient tasks and resources via alerts.
  6. Track baseline vs actuals.
  7. Enhanced reporting package based on industry best practices.
  8. Real-time financial health of projects and project tasks.